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    Armani is one of the most renowned designers in the fashion industry and consists of a range of satellite brands including Emporio Armani. The brand has recently added the active wear range Armani EA7 to its hugely popular repertoire. The Emporio Armani EA7 range uniquely combines sporty looks with sophisticated style, successfully bringing a sense of luxury to recreational wear. The sporty design and fabrics are mixed with trendy logos, details and colours to create the perfect collaboration of fashion and fitness.

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    Push yourself to the limit with the luxury sportswear line by Philipp Plein. The idea behind PLEIN SPORT is for functional purposes for those who lead active lives. “Sport is no longer just about keeping fit. It’s a way of life, a religion and an addiction. In the gym, there is no opponent, no competition – there is only you. To succeed, you have to fight. To discover what you’re truly made of, you must push yourself to breaking point and beyond. The gym is no longer a playground; it’s a battleground.”

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